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Lake Tahoe race car driver flies here to receive chiropractic treatment

By Rose Hooper

According to Cliff Hansen of Lake Tahoe, NV, Sylva chiropractor Dr. Guy Karcher is the best in the world. That's why Hansen flies here for his treatments.

A former professional race car driver, Hansen suffered more than eight high impact, 140 mph car wrecks. High impact blows to the body require special chiropractic care, he said.

"I've been to well over 100 chiropractors. Some just look at the X-rays of my neck, shake their heads and say there's nothing they can do for me," Hansen said on a visit here last week.

Several of what Hansen calls "standard body shop chiropractors" even worsened his problem, causing misalignment and pain.

He even tried Nick Athens, Super Bowl chiropractor who is the tops in the United States and "admired by all." But even Athens couldn't help Hansen.

Hansen's rolfer in Lake Tahoe referred him to Karcher. Immediately Hansen said he liked Karcher because "he is well educated and cares about the patient."

As a former race car driver Hansen was impressed with and could understand Karcher's technique - to study the mechanics of his neck.

"He looked at my neck and began studying the mechanics of it, how it moved and how it could be adjusted for better movement," Hansen said, noting Karcher first studied each individual section.

"He's strong and to adjust my neck takes strength because all my injuries came from strong impacts," he said. "At the same time he is very careful, especially to avoid spinal adhesions."

Another thing Hansen appreciates about Karcher is that "he wants to make you well; he's not just interested in seeing you visit after visit to collect your money."

"The trip was well worth it," said Hansen, who said he felt a lot better than when he first arrived in Sylva.