I been going to Dr Guy office for years. He does a great job and know what he doing. And also his massage people are very good and the lady that run the office is really nice.
– Albert T.

Best Chiropractor ever! I had horrible nauseating migraines that were debilitating. Dr. Guy’s adjustments eliminated my chronic migraines!
– Susan K.

Great knowlege of chiropractic medicine, very friendly staff. Willing to work with your schedule.
– Jackie G.

Amazing results! Helped me greatly with general back pain and range of motion, as well as sports related injuries. No wait time and even childcare during your appointment!
– Kari C.

Awesome Dr!!!! Best adjustment I have ever received!! This office has the best and kindest staff!!
– Lynn A.

He is great… took a problem I had with my neck and back and got me on the road to recovery
– Steve B.

Great people,really care about their patients love it none better
– Brenda G.

Dr.Guy will take the time to address the pain and ailments from spinal issues.And also help you understand how you can be pro active in managing your health.
– Kevin S.

Just want to thank Guy for being available on short notice – and for putting me back together – 🙂 – effectively. I was impressed with his knowledge – explaining what he was doing and why – and also with the technique – a more hands-on approach to adjustments which is the way it used to be – and the way it should be imho. Also have an idea what I need to do differently to help myself avoid ongoing deterioration. Thanks much.
– Carol

I have been seeing Guy for over 20 years and love his professionalism and his conversation.
– Kim A.

Awesome Chiropractor!
– Kevin M.

I’ve been a mess for several years with degenerative joint disease, a vertebra that had slipped halfway off the vertebra below it (nothing is in between them), a spinal cord stimulator to interrupt pain signals, a hip replacement, and recent surgery to remove bone spurs and stenosis.

Soon after the last surgery, I returned to the surgeon because of the constant pain, and was given a back brace. I wasn’t able to straighten up enough to put it on. A short time later, I returned to the office and my husband had to push me inside in a wheelchair. The doctor who saw me that day told me I was already seeing the best orthopedic surgeon and the best back doctor; therefore, all he could offer me was a prescription for a rolling walker. I took it, but it was useless.

I had to do something because I couldn’t walk, I was in constant pain, and I was bedridden. I searched for a chiropractor with good reviews, and one who accepted BCBS insurance, and thank God I found Dr. “Guy” Karcher! He had me walking in 2 sessions, and I was one of the most grateful people on this earth!

I’ve continued to see Dr. Karcher, and I’ve never been disappointed. Dr. Karcher has even taken me in without an appointment on 3 occasions. When the pain wouldn’t stop, all it took was a call to the office and my husband was told to bring me straight in.

The laser Dr. Karcher uses helps reduce inflammation, the therapeutic massages given by his associate are awesome, and the adjustments are amazing! Because of Sylva Chiropractic Center, I’m still walking! And I can’t thank Dr. Karcher and his staff enough!
– LD

Great staff with a excellent massage therapy along with Dr Guys vast knowledge gives me lasting relief for my neck and back. I’d recommend him to anyone who is looking for quality and lasting relief
– Robert A.

This is has been the best chiropractic center I’ve ever visited. I’ve used Sylva chiropractic for a little over a year now, and every time I am in pain Dr. Guy makes CERTAIN I’m not in pain before I leave. I’ve been to several chiropractors in the state and I swear he’s truly the best one around, no doubt! I’m usually a skeptic towards chiropractors and if they will truly fix an issue, but this man has YET to disappoint me. Also a super funny dude that makes going to the chiropractor pretty darn fun. Dr. Guy is truly THE GUY. Thank you for finally getting that back pain to subside!
– Brian M.

As a Neuromuscular Therapist of 21 years, and a survivor of a major auto accident and a year long recovery journey in the holistic fields of Chiropractic, Bodywork & Acupuncture; I can truly say that Dr Karcher is truly gifted in his field of practice. He immediately assessed and addressed every aspect of my alignment. The professionalism and knowledge base along with a thorough adjustment and attention to detail, have greatly enhanced my range of motion and overall wellness. I would sincerely recommend him to anyone in the community seeking relief from prolonged discomfort/pain and overall positional realignment from core injury related issues.
– Dee G.

Dr Karcher is a fantastic guy and a great chiropractor. His adjustments are way better than most. He uses laser and physical therapies and manual adjustments. His knowledge of nutrition is superb. The adjustments I got from him were simply the best! He is gentle, specific, and skilled. I give him my highest recommendation.
– Rand B.

I’ve been going to Dr. Karcher as needed for neck, upper back and low back pain for 25 years. He always corrects my problem with a few office visits. He offers great nutritional advice too.
– Cece H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Guy since 1994. I’ve received chiropractic treatment from Doctors in several states and Doctor Guy is simply the best. He is extremely knowledgeable about general health and body mechanics. I’m pretty difficult to adjust due to joint wear and tear and very tight muscles. Doctor Guy is always able to diagnose my problem and provide the proper treatment to provide healing and pain relief. If you have persistent pain and joint issues, give Doctor Guy a chance to help you before signing up for surgery. You’ll be glad you did!
– Toby H.

Very soon after moving to this area I started to go to Sylva Chiropractic Center- my Chiropractor in New York recommended Dr. Karcher and spoke to him by phone about my care before it began.

I have been going for 18 months now–in the beginning I had to go more often but thanks to the great care- they have lost a lot of my business due to the fact that I am feeling much better. My back has improved and so has my overall health.

I always get a great massage from Polly before my adjustment. Cintha in the office is always friendly and efficient and Dr. Guy is amazing. I look forward to my appointments not only because I know I will be feeling looser and healthier but because I very much enjoy my conversations with all of these people.

I highly recommend Sylva Chiropractic!!
– Margo C.

Awesome staff and excellent care!!
– Katrina C.

Top notch service, with a friendly smile and a personal greeting every visit. Traditional chiropractic care, Dr Karcher is the real deal.
– Anthony P.

Awesome people! Always happy! They know all their people by name and care a lot about them!
– Shay R.

Western Carolina University’s Manteo Mitchell supports Sylva Chiropractic Center

Manteo Mitchell:

Years before I achieved international fame by winning a silver medal at the Olympics on my broken leg, I was receiving Olympic quality care at Sylva Chiropractic.

Being a two sport collegiate athlete, Dr. Karcher has always been keenly aware of health problems associated with being an elite athlete.

Because Dr. Karcher has 30 years’ experience treating athletes, I feel comfortable endorsing Dr. Karcher and Sylva Chiropractic.

Lake Tahoe race car driver flies here to receive chiropractic treatment

By Rose Hooper

According to Cliff Hansen of Lake Tahoe, NV, Sylva chiropractor Dr. Guy Karcher is the best in the world. That’s why Hansen flies here for his treatments.

A former professional race car driver, Hansen suffered more than eight high impact, 140 mph car wrecks. High impact blows to the body require special chiropractic care, he said.

“I’ve been to well over 100 chiropractors. Some just look at the X-rays of my neck, shake their heads and say there’s nothing they can do for me,” Hansen said on a visit here last week.

Several of what Hansen calls “standard body shop chiropractors” even worsened his problem, causing misalignment and pain.

He even tried Nick Athens, Super Bowl chiropractor who is the tops in the United States and “admired by all.” But even Athens couldn’t help Hansen.

Hansen’s rolfer in Lake Tahoe referred him to Karcher. Immediately Hansen said he liked Karcher because “he is well educated and cares about the patient.”

As a former race car driver Hansen was impressed with and could understand Karcher’s technique – to study the mechanics of his neck.

“He looked at my neck and began studying the mechanics of it, how it moved and how it could be adjusted for better movement,” Hansen said, noting Karcher first studied each individual section.

“He’s strong and to adjust my neck takes strength because all my injuries came from strong impacts,” he said. “At the same time he is very careful, especially to avoid spinal adhesions.”

Another thing Hansen appreciates about Karcher is that “he wants to make you well; he’s not just interested in seeing you visit after visit to collect your money.”

“The trip was well worth it,” said Hansen, who said he felt a lot better than when he first arrived in Sylva.
-Cliff Hansen

Chiropractor’s Fingers Help Chacon to Relax

By Jim Jenkins-Bee Staff Writer
The Sacramento Bee – Monday, January 9, 1984

RENO-Bobby Chacon is 32, or 10 years older than Ray Mancini, the man Chacon hopes to dethrone Saturday night for the World Boxing Association lightweight championship.

So, when a fellow comes along and promises to turn Chacon’s body into that of an energetic 18-year old boy, he has to listen, right?

He did. Enter Dr. Guy Karcher into Chacon’s training camp.

Karcher is a 27-year old former University of Nevada-Reno boxer who has a chiropractic business in south Reno. And almost every day after Chacon works out, he takes the two-time world champion to his office for treatment. He also dispenses “supplementary diet pills, like vitamins.”

Karcher, in his second year of practice, said he approached Chacon after watching one of his early workouts at the MGM Grand Hotel here.

“He looked a little run down, and I told him I thought I could help pick him up,” explained Karcher, who has left the matter of a fee up to Chacon.

“It appeared that his adrenal glands were fatigued,” Karcher added. “Anytime anyone is under emotional and physical strain those glands are affected. Fighters, students, football players about the 10th week of the season, people going through divorces…any kind of stress.

It’s well known that bobby has had some stress in his life (his first wife committed suicide protesting his boxing career two years ago).”

Said Chacon’s veteran trainer, Joe Ponce: “When this doctor approached us and told me what he could do for my fighter, I told Bobby, ‘Go ahead and try it. If it works for only one day, it’s worth it.’

“Anyway,” continued Ponce, “Bobby says he’s felt great since this guy’s been working on him, and that’s the main thing. I’ve been around the fight game a long time and thought I heard everything. But this is new to me.”

Asked if he did indeed promise Chacon an 18-year-old’s body as reported by Pounce, Karcher replied, “Yes, words to that effect.”

Karcher expresses pride in his finger work, primarily on Chacon’s back, but said his Nevada Naturopathic Medical Center practice, shared with other doctors, is a little more than straight chiropractic procedure.

“We feel he can rejuvenate the body. There’s nothing mysterious about it. You see it used the Olympic athletes. As a former athlete, I’m aware of different things going on in athletics, good and bad.”

Although he has treated other athletes, Karcher concedes that fighters, especially a journeyman boxer like Chacon, are reluctant to alter their usual training methods.

With that in mind, Karcher said he approached Chacon cautiously in training camp.

“I told him, after watching him work out, that I’d noticed some things,” Karcher recalled.

“I told him I saw a general apathy in his training. He was a little lethargic, lacking in drive. I’ve been through the same thing. That happens when you’re working too hard, become over dedicated. He picked right up on what I was saying and I’ve been treating him ever since. There’s been no talk of a fee. I left that up to him if he gets results. But I feel he’ll be in great shape for the fight.”

Chacon said he agreed with Karcher that his training sessions were off.

“Sure I could see I was dragging,” he said.

“I feel much better since I’ve been with him. He takes me in the office and cracks my back up, checks my spine. He pushes me this way and that way and sees what’s out of whack. And then he does my neck. Sometimes it feels like it’s going to break, but its working. He also has a woman assistant put her fingers into my mouth to improve the structure in my head. I know it sounds weird, but they’ve convinced me they know what they’re doing.”

Chacon, who won world titles eight years apart and as recently as December 1982, concedes the treatment is worrisome to trainers and promoters, but noted that he visited chiropractors early in his fight career in Los Angeles, before he moved to the Oroville area.

“It’s been a while, but I do like them,” said Chacon. “I guess he (Karcher) also is trying to calm me and get me feeling a little younger. It’s definitely making me feel better. I could feel the relief from stress.”

Is Karcher’s help enough to make him win the scheduled 15-rounder?

“Well, gee,” said Karcher, laughing. “Let’s just say that if Bobby has faith in himself and the people behind him, he’ll come out all right. Whether I helped him 1 percent of 21 percent, every little bit helps, right? I just have the belief that the odds in this fight (almost 3.5-1 for Mancini) are very wrong. I’m not a betting man, but I might make a gentleman’s wager on this one.

Karhcer said he also visited Mancinis traing headquarters at the downtown El Dorado Hotel-Casino. And what did he observe there?

“A very dedicated champion,” he said. “I didn’t notice anything with Mancini. He’s young, at the prime of his career. I decided to help Bobby because I’ve followed his career since he was in L.A. I have a rapport with him. Mancini can’t abuse his body at his age. Young athletes are different. But, he to, will burn out.”

Chacon can only hope that occurs before Saturday night when the two step into the ring at Nevada-Reno’s Lawlor Events Center.
-Bobby Chacon