Why don’t you have a “sports practice” since you were a two sport collegiate athlete and have treated professional athletes and hundreds of college athletes?

I believe I do have a sports practice; I just don’t have a practice that treats acute massive trauma injury. I’ve always felt that trainers and orthopedists do a great job treating on the playing field injuries. The laser certainly has increased the amount of athletic injuries I treat. Of course, optimum performance neurophysiology has always been an interest of mine. Remember, I was thirty four years old the last time I was invited to the Olympic Trials.

Speaking of the laser, just how does it work?

Well the laser isn’t magic. I use the 635mm in my practice. That is the wavelength of the first laser approved by the F.D.A. and the one with the most research behind it. The laser light causes the mitochondria (the cells powerhouse) to produce more energy. This enhances recovery and can increase tissue elasticity.

Why do you choose vitamins or health supplements over prescription drug use?

First, let me state that I am not anti drug; it is just that drugs cause a tremendous amount of adverse reactions. The amount of end stage renal failure has risen dramatically in recent years just from over the counter medication. It just makes sense to “treat naturally” if possible.

What is fish oil and what does it do for people?

I suppose this question was asked because I sell so much of it. Back in 2001 I think my patients thought I was crazy for always pushing fish oil and preaching against trans fat but now that the mainstream media and healthcare promote omega three oils I am now considered “cutting edge.” Briefly, fish oil contains two omega-3 oils that are a must, not just for performance, but for proper brain function as well. I have over one hundred articles at my office documenting the importance of twenty chain (EPA) and the twenty two chain (DHA) in keeping away depression, heart disease, ADD, dyslexia, post-partum depression and schizophrenia. The studies on a post partum depression are so compelling I carry a fish oil in this office that is purified of mercury, arsenic and any other known poison or carcinogen. I believe the formulation of this brand makes it the finest in the world, so I offer it to anyone in Western Carolina. I keep a packet of medical articles available for the layman to read as well.

What types of methods do you use in your chiropractic care? Which one do you use most often and why?

I explain the anatomical and neurological benefits of all treatments and then work with the patient in determining the best course of care, because I feel that we are partners in the individuals healthcare. Every treatment is different as every person is different; Chiropractic will change your life.

How does chiropractic care help children? Pregnant women?

Children can have biomechanical dysfunction just like adults. Obviously, problems in a developing body can have far reaching consequences. Incidentally there is great evidence that chiropractic can help a developing immune system.

As for pregnant women, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the combination of increased weight and the hormone, relaxin, can be prescription for real pain and problems. I worked on hundreds of pregnant women and probably a dozen in labor with great results.