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Welcome To Sylva Chiropractic

Dr. Guy Karcher, D.C.

REMEMBER: My goal is to have CHIROPRACTIC change your life for the better like CHIROPRACTIC changed mine. We've seen people scheduled for surgery; cancel their surgery. We have seen children of all ages completely transformed. We want your visit here to be the BEST part of your day. Give us a chance to serve you and make a positive difference in your life.

If you have any questions about how we can get you out of pain (or just make you feel a lot better), don’t hesitate to contact us today at (828) 586-2483.

What Patients Are Saying

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Guy since 1994. I've received chiropractic treatment from Doctors in several states and Doctor Guy is simply the best. He is extremely knowledgeable about general health and body mechanics. I'm pretty difficult to adjust due to joint wear and tear and very tight muscles. Doctor Guy is always able to diagnose my problem and provide the proper treatment to provide healing and pain relief. If you have persistent pain and joint issues, give Doctor Guy a chance to help you before signing up for surgery. You'll be glad you did!

    Toby H. 8/07/2018
  • Very soon after moving to this area I started to go to Sylva Chiropractic Center- my Chiropractor in New York recommended Dr. Karcher and spoke to him by phone about my care before it began. I have been going for 18 months now--in the beginning I had to go more often but thanks to the great care- they have lost a lot of my business due to the fact that I am feeling much better. My back has improved and so has my overall health. I always get a great massage from Polly before my adjustment. Cintha in the office is always friendly and efficient and Dr. Guy is amazing. I look forward to my appointments not only because I know I will be feeling looser and healthier but because I very much enjoy my conversations with all of these people. I highly recommend Sylva Chiropractic!!

    Margo C. 8/07/2018
  • I've been going to Dr. Karcher as needed for neck, upper back and low back pain for 25 years. He always corrects my problem with a few office visits. He offers great nutritional advice too.

    Cece H. 8/07/2018
  • Top notch service, with a friendly smile and a personal greeting every visit. Traditional chiropractic care, Dr Karcher is the real deal.

    Anthony P. 8/07/2018
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